Top job is just a dream?

…, which helps “turn dreams into reality”, found almost all of us fantasised as children of doing a particular job, with astronaut, fireman and police officer top of the list…. More > Daily Star

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Follow the S Plan for New Year’s Resolutions!

Select realistic, achievable goals
Set a deadline
Share your goal with supportive friends
Seek help, support and inspiration from others

Create yours now.

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Do something amazing in 2011

Make a positive (or negative) difference in 2011.

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New social media website to achieve goals

UK startup Sedogo has entered the market with a desire to see more focus and purpose behind social media.

The UK-based project already has a dedicated app for iPhone and invites users to post ambitions on a time line and to get other users to comment and help. More >

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New online site to help you fulfil your dreams

“Sedogo stands for see, do, go – see what other people are trying to achieve, do the same and set up your own goal and go and achieve what you want to achieve with the help and support of others.

“Whether your goal is a modest one – go for a run on Friday night, or a really big ambition – climb Mont Blanc before I’m 40, Sedogo can help by asking a very simple question: What’s stopping you?” More > Chester First

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Tony Hawks takes fridgehiking to a whole new level… on Sedogo

Renowned author and comedian Tony Hawks (Round Ireland with a fridge) is setting himself a new challenge in 2011… skydiving out of a plane  with the now infamous fridge….in the Himalayas of all places. As he puts it: ‘Life’s all about challenging yourself and doing things you never thought possible…this goal certainly does that.’ You can follow Tony’s goal here.

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What’s Good On The Web

For those people into social networking there are now loads to choose from depending on lifestyle, musical tastes and even location. Most of them are designed to let you share things you have done, or are doing, rather than your plans for the future which is where a new website called has stepped in.

No matter what your future plans Sedogo aims to help you achieve it so we’ve decided to put together a review of this new social network for all our readers. More > What’s Good On The Web

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Chester man starts networking site…

…to help people achieve their dreams. More > Liverpool Daily Post

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Interesting new social networking site…

…that aims to connect you with people who have similar goals as you do to make yours happen. More > Conor Byrne’s Blog

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Goal-oriented social network Sedogo goes live

UK start-up taps into ‘desire to see more purpose and focus behind social media’.

The online project, with a dedicated mobile app on iPhone, invites users to post ambitions on a time line, and to get others to help and comment.

The thinking is that sharing goals with like-minded people makes it easier to achieve them. More > Mobile Entertainment

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